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Do you want to have a curvy body like the Kardashians or someone iconic like Marilyn Monroe? Wearing a waist trainer will help you shape your body into an hourglass figure because of its tight compression smoothening your belly and bulges. But not all can give you the same benefits so you should choose your waist trainer wisely. To help you choose a waist trainer to achieve a curvy body, here are some 
wholesale shapewear that can help you achieve an hourglass figure.

Look Stylishly Shiny with a Latex Waist Trainer with Reflective Rainbow Design! 

Waist trainers don't have to make you look like a cyborg. You can look cute while working out with a reflective waist trainer, who's also essential, especially when working out at night. 

This feelingirldress waist trainer is famous because of its colorful design that's appealing to the eyes. It will give you a curvy body because it has a firm compression that holds you. It's also beneficial to wear this when working out because it will help you shed water weight. 

Reflective Latex Waist Trainer and Shapewear with 7 Steel Bones Slim Waist

Work on a Long-Term Body Shaping Plan with a Full-Body Shaper with Firm Compression


You don't have to wear your waist trainer the entire day. Having breaks here and there is essential to allow your body to get accustomed to the body shape you're aiming for. While letting your body, especially your waist, rest, you can wear shapewear with firm compression to ensure that you're still training your waist in a less constricting way than using waist trainers. Are you looking for something that you can wear while working? This full-body shaper is an undergarment and shaping product that will give you a curvy body. It's seamless under your clothing and comfortable to wear because of its skin-friendly and soft fabric material.
                                                                                           Seamless Black Full Body Shaper Big Size Lace-Trim Body Sculpting

Plus Size Waist Trainer with Double Belt

If you're planning on starting to workout, you should try wearing this waist trainer with a double belt design that flattens your tummy. Wearing this during an exercise will help you eliminate bulges and fats that make you one step closer to achieving your dream body.

Having two belts on your waist trainer will further reinforce the compression, providing enough support for your bust, waist, and upper torso. 

Black Double-belt Latex Waist Trainer For Weight Loss

Achieve a Proportionate Body with a Neoprene Waist and Thigh Trimmer

Are you working out to achieve your fitness goals but don't see any progress? Try wearing this neoprene waist trainer that will not only enhance your workout but will also give you a thigh trimming action. It's also comfortable to wear even when you're doing some intense workouts. 

Rose and Red Neoprene Adjustable Waist Trainer and Thigh Trimmer with Firm Foundations
Low-Back Shapewear

Are you preparing your body for a wedding or event that will require you to wear a dress? No worries, feelingirldress got you. Using a waist trainer during workouts and wearing the appropriate body shaper will contribute to optimal body-shaping results during regular days. 
This shapewear will be a perfect match for your dress because it has a low back design, and you can wear this without any bra to show off your flirty cleavage that will look sexy in your dress. 

Skin Color and Nude Low-Back Open-Crotch Lace Body Shaper for Regular Use and Intense Workout

Full-Body Shaper with Butt Lifter

Ensure that you have a beautiful body even without your waist trainer by supplementing your trainers' usage with a butt lifter. We don't want our booty to look saggy when we grow older, but we can't help that. You can prevent it by wearing this body shaper with a butt lifting effect that will make your butt look rounder and more prominent. It also has an open crotch design for you to go conveniently to the bathroom.

                                                          Full Body Shaper with Flattened Zipper and Open Crotch Lace - Medium Control

7-Steel Bones Waist Trainer with Double Belt
This waist trainer is a must-have if you like to go to the gym regularly because it will provide you back support and proper posture to reduce back pains and soreness. Wearing this while working out will make you sweatier, resulting in shedding some water weight and releasing toxins out of your body. 
bf s

Hidden Curves Black 7 Steel Bones Waist Cincher Double Belts Fashion

Are you looking for the best body shaper vendorsfor high-quality shapewear that's affordable
and effective? Try these body shapers that will also allow you to put your logo on the products. It will help you with your sales and help your customers with their weight loss at the same time. Now is the time to get into the shapewear industry, especially since it's booming right now!

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