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By Anastasija Kostić - 11:05

Hello my beautifull readers!
Welcome to my new english post for my dear friends from my favourite site - JJ's House.
I will show you my favourites from their site.On their site you can view and buy a lot 
of really cute dresses for every special occasion.
In this post ,I chose to write about Evening dresses .
But first,let talk about JJ's House site.

⏩ They have been a leading global retailer with a
 vast array of special occasion dresses since 2007.

JJ's House is an online retailer that specializes in all of your
 special occasion needs including homecoming and promdresses.

 you can find accessories and shoes for your dress

 They ships worldwider

Now,lets get started with dresses! 

It was hard to pick just one evenning dress to share with you on my blog, so I decided to pick a four of the most beautiful ones. 

This dress is such amazing! I love details on the back ,and they makes this dress so gorgeous.
The butterfly bottom will be perfect for all bodyshapes.
 I'm in love with dark collored dresses.
You can shop it now for only 107.69$ [299.99$]

A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Asymmetrical

Chiffon Evening Dress

The cut on back this dress makes so elegant.I love chiffon material,and a lot of dresses in my wardrobe is made with it.The gray collor is my favourite collor,and I love it on everything,but especially on this dress.
This beaut dress is on very hot sale.You can buy it only for 89.99 $ [194.99 $]

Trumpet/Mermaid Scoop Neck Floor-Length 

Chiffon Evening Dress With Bow(s)

This baby-pink dress will make you a princess.I like that kind of look and this dress is so much pretty for me.Do you guys think that too? The upper part is made of lace.
I love lace when it's not too much, because then dress is not elegant.This dress will be perfect for my bodyshape,and mermaid scoop is so pretty too.Now the price is 116.99 $ [299.99 $] with 70% sale. Hurry up and buy it!

A-Line/Princess Scoop Neck Floor-Length

 Satin Evening Dress With Split Front

This one is my second favourite.The upper part has cut on the front and back.The satin material in combination with red collor give this dress so elegant look.I love red collor so much and I have a lot of clothes in this collor in my wardrobe.Is such easy to combine it with neutral collors!
Dress also have a cut above kneeses.I love how this dress looks,and I would like to wear it.If you like this dress how much am I,you can go to shop link and buy it on hot sale for 109.99 $ [239.99 $]

I love every single one of these dresses, they all look so unique and interesting, don't they? 
I am looking forward to hearing your opinion in the comments ! 
Thank you for reading! I will looking for you in my next post!
Goodbye my beauties! 

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  1. Divan post! ❤
    Zapratila sam te, pa ako želiš uzvrati. Usput pogledaj novi post i ostavi komentar. ❤
    Dreaming of fashion and beauty

  2. Super izbor! Sve su jedinsvene i posebne na svoj način što ih čini prelepim. Možda mi je 1. favorit, mada, teško je odabrati.

    My blog: Ana's blogger life

    1. Hvala ti draga! Apsolutno se slazem sa tobom,tesko je ,skoro pa nemoguce odabrati samo jednu ☺

  3. beautiful evening dresses.
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