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By Anastasija Kostic - 16:23

Hello everyone and welcome to my new post!
How are you? Today I will talk about site Zaful which you know from my older posts.
They have fantastic bikinis promotion so I'll show you just a part of it!

 Like you see, my choise is very simple and casual. I'm just in love with stripes .
First and second one are my favourite!
Although I have a lot of swimwears and bikinis,I just have to order more when I see something
beautiful like this. This year (like every year) , stripes are in trending, so make sure that you have an bikini with that detail. About sixth bikini, what do you think? It seems so elegant to me and I'll definitly order this one. Second is so elegant to me, like sixth is. And like you see, my definition about elegance is casual.When you wear casual green bikini you'll for sure look more elegant that a woman who wear green-red-yellow-blue-black-brown bikini.I hope you understand what I mean 😂

Zaful has really good quality stuff , so if you like to buy online, always have on mind great site like Zaful is.

Thank you all for reading this post!
Which one is your favourite?
What do you think about Zaful
Let me know in comments.

Iii pred kraj posta samo jedno obavestenje --> pobednica giveaway-a je izvucena ,
to mozete pogledati OVDE .


XoXo , Coccinella

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